Family Court Consent Orders - Can Pickup Location be Changed?

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3 June 2014
Hi, my partner has a consent orders in place but the ex keeps saying the other children have stuff on and cannot travel to the location as per the consent order. If it is not mutually agreed to change what can be done so that the location stays the same as per consent order even though there are other children involved and the consent order was signed with other children involved at the time?

Also the consent order has only been in place since April and the location has been changed several time to suit the other party as they are unable to travel. Please help we are just wanting to see the child but are sick of travelling extra all the time? Do we contact the police if the other party is not at the location as per consent even though they have given more than 2 weeks notice of the inability to travel but it is not acceptable on our end and have not agreed and have given an alternative but the other party will not agree with our suggestion either?


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24 April 2014
Hi Jess,

I found the information posted below at the Family Law Cours website. My understanding is that, is there is a court order then both parties have to stick with it. If it is affecting you and your partner then you should follow this up with the authorities.

Complying with orders about children
How to comply with court orders, applying to change a court order.
When a parenting order is made, each person affected by the order must comply with (follow) it.

If you allege another person has not followed an order, the following options are available:
    • attending dispute resolution
    • getting legal advice
    • applying to a court.

There is a lot of helpful information at that website ^^^
I think the best thing to do next, would be to call the Family Law Courts 1300 352 000 to see what the next step in your situation would be.

I hope this helps!