Ex Changing Locks on Rental Home - Where Do I Stand?

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29 April 2014
My partner and I decided to go our separate ways. We are currently living in a rental home where his name is on the lease. I have advised him that I am doing my best to find somewhere to re-locate to, however in the past week he has been very nasty on texts and verbally and has advised me this morning that he is getting the locks changed.

I just need to know what my rights are and where I stand legally under family law?

Can I get the police involved if I go home tonight and this has been done?

If anyone can help or assist with this as it is quite urgent it would be greatly appreciated.

Amanda E

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
My understanding is that without your name on the lease, you can’t be considered a co-tenant with tenancy rights. How long have you and your partner been together?

Even so, your partner can get the locks changed, but he’d need to ask the landlord for permission first. (Consumer Affairs Changing Locks page)

Do you have the landlord’s contact details? You could contact the landlord and explain that your property is still inside the house and that you’re not going to cause any trouble, you just need some time to collect your belongings and move out.

I don’t know if the police will be keen to get involved with this kind of domestic tiff. You could let your boyfriend know that:
- you need some time to pack and move out your things and to stop bullying and harassing you.
- if he locks you out that you intend to get the police involved and file a theft complaint.

Have you got somewhere else to stay? Which State are you located in?

Sounds like you need to get somewhere else organised pretty soon for your own well being.