VIC Does myki evasion goes onto my record?

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    I was using a child concession myki card one month after my 19 birthday I was fined by the plain clothed officers on this Monday in front the tram stop of my uni. At the moment that I was caught, I was really terrified and couldn't even speak properly. I had made my biggest regret in my life: I made up a fake brithday to tell them that I was 18. They undercover my lie readily. I tried to plege them to release me but one of them was really angry and think I'm wasting time. They even warned me that if I don't leave my detail they will call the police and arrest me. Right now I'm still tirrified and my heart is shaking when I recall what's happening on Monday. They told me that fare evasion is not a criminal offence and my visa won't be cancelled. But right now I'm still pretty scared. I'm wondering does that leaves on my document and underlines that I'm a dishonest person, no employer will hire me. and I will be prevented from getting a proper job. I'M SINNED. But is my life doomed because of that record? I really need some legal helps.
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