VIC Received a MYKI Fine - Thoughts on Taking It to Magistrates Court?

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25 December 2015
Hi everyone,

I recently received a fine for not having a valid ticket on November 14, 2015. I wrote a letter of appeal, but they replied back with an automated reply not waiving it off. So the next step is to take it to court but I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of taking it to magistrates court (costs, possible charges, etc) and would really love some help on it.

Here are the circumstances:

I topped up my MYKI earlier in the day to get to the city. Touched it on and then off once I got off at Flinders Station. I hung out with friends at Lygon (walked there). It was late at night so coming back we all got onto the wrong tram. I touched on quickly at the reader and thought I heard it beep. I realised it was the wrong tram so we all got off quickly and I didn't touch off.

We walked around a bit more and caught the next tram we saw coming (approx 11.30pm). We got on but I didn't touch on as I thought I already had touched it on earlier.

Next stop, the inspectors got on and fined me for not having a valid ticket. I tried to explain my situation but they wouldn't have any of it. My card was a full fare card with more than enough money in it. I offered them to touch on now in front of them but they wouldn't let me. The guy didn't give me a daily pass to get home like they are supposed to as well.

I used the same MYKI to get back home (touched on/off ) like normal. I got the MYKI report printed the next day showing that I did all that.

I received the fine in the mail for $223.

Thank you!

Tim W

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28 April 2014
My usual advice for public transport fines is
Pay the fine and move on with your life.
In this case however, court-electing may be a valid option.