Desperately Looking for a Biological Father

Discussion in 'Australian Law Students Forum' started by msorfiap, 17 July 2019.

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    17 July 2019
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    This person has an Australian citizen as their father, but they don't know their identity or contact details, and wish for finding out. That was a family secret until recently, that this person was the daughter of an Australian citizen, biological daughter.

    What is known about this father is that he is incarcerated in Victoria for paedophilia+r**e. The name of two of his Australian kids, and the name of his legal Australian wife are also known. Privacy laws seem to be on the way in Australia. Those who are known to connect to him refuse to give details about him, so even his name is a mystery.

    It would be nice having some insights into the matter, so that we could help this person, whose biological father is probably going to die soon, since she was born in 1971, but the father was already a man of advanced age back then.

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