NSW Department of Childrens Services (DoCS) - How Do I Deal With Them?

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13 December 2014
I need legal help regarding custody of children ASAP. I have a meeting with DOCS (Human Services) on Tuesday afternoon. I fear of losing my child (only took one for respite care) having trouble getting her back with no real excuse. I have been recording DOCS visits every time they arrive and call me on my phone.

I have discovered some evidence on the recording that would have you saying wow.. I was blown away. It could end their careers and actually hear them making accusations against me. My daughter is a behaviour troubled child. I have done everything they have requested.. But I fear I won't get my daughter back even though they have stated it's not legal proceedings its me volunteering her for 2 weeks minimum and that was 3 weeks ago.

A decision will be made on Tuesday (took her on grounds of psychological harm and emotional harm) but no evidence of it. as I said she is a behaviour troubled child with epilepsy which I have been dealing with on my own for 10 years. I would really love some legal advice on what to do about that particular recording.

I have no legal sense so to speak and really need some advice asap... I have also made a complaint to the head of DOCS in Sydney as told to do by the Ombudsman and the district manager will come to an agreement in 20 days ( submitted 9/12/2014).. Please help.


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23 July 2014
Nobody here can give you legal advice on this matter. Investigations by DOCS are complex and sensitive, so you need to book an appointment with a solicitor either privately or through Legal Aid and speak with them. Some community centres can also provide legal advice free of charge.