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27 June 2020
Criminal fraudulently applied for mortgage over our rural property In 2013 & mortgage was registered, he defaulted, bank Attempted to possess & sell property when we were alerted to what happened. We joined Court proceedings as aggrieved third parties, the bank withheld documentation even after Court order the Bank to provide to us, it took six months and we realised Two bank staff were involved in the fraud. We have had exclusive possession of the property since purchasing it in 2007 then in 2018 an unknown man sent a text message asking for the keys to our property as he was the new owner, this was bizarre. Weeks later he cut our locks off our gate and cut boundary fencing & drove onto the property Ramming into our vehicle after we called Triple 0. He then made false accusations to Police & charges were laid on us. Large numbers of Victoria Police have been involved with this man who has never produced a Warrant of Possession or Court Order for the property. After this mans false allegations against all of our family (whom have no criminal history) we have all been unlawfully charged with a range of offences which we are strongly defending. Intervention Orders & bail have also unlawfully been used against us to stop us going near our property. We have since found out the Bank have sold our property to this mans company in a secret deal in-house & very undervalue, without vacant possession & this man agreed to Take all responsibility to remove our family From the property himself. Victoria Police were warned by the VGSO in 2016 that Police have no authority being involved in “Mere Civil Property Matters”. We have never had a loan with the bank, yet we are in a battle of our lives trying to get our property back, defend unlawful charges & intervention orders. We feel the Bank is behind all of this & somehow they have involved Police. We have been told that because this mans company is on Title we have no rights, but we had no bank loan, had exclusive possession since purchase in 2007 & they have used “Self Help” in removing us from our lawfully owned property & turned it into a criminal matter.
This is a very Complex Property Matter, we are drained financially as well now and would appreciate any advice. The property is 10 minutes from Melbourne Airport & valued at three million which will have even greater value in the next few years with resining. We have all documentation to prove the Property is ours.