VIC Daughter's Boyfriend Racked Up Infringements with Borrowed Car - Who is Responsible?

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Ty Fraser

28 August 2015
I lent a car and keys to my daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend. The car was for sale in a mechanical workshop.
I gave him the keys as he expressed interest in purchasing the car for $1250.00

He subsequently racked up red light infringements, speeding infringements and fuel drive offs in the car. The owner of the car is saying I am to blame. The workshop owner is saying he wants all my personal details.

I wasn't a paid employer, I was an assistant mechanic on shared income (piece work).

Who is at fault for this mess?

Tim W

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
28 April 2014
Basically, the kid you loaned the car to has to wear the lot.
For the speed and red light notices, just have the registered owner nominate the kid as the driver.
For the Steal Fuels, have the registered owner speak to the police.

I assume you had some sort of authority to loan out the car in the first place?

And sort out your employment arrangements.