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26 April 2021
Hi. I hope you can assist me with my question ( i have been vague with some details so as to protect privacy of myself and the company online). I recently discovered that a family member who i have long fallen out with ( and who is now a company director) has posted some defamatory information about myself and my former partner on the company website. Although the information does not provide myself or my partners name ( my partner is now deceased by the way) it does state the small towns that we both come from and some information about an event that occurred some years back. We are also of an ethnic background that could make us easier to identify. The article also describes us as both being drug addicts and giving birth to children that were deformed and underweight. I am certain that if this type of information were to be published on the front page of a newspaper we could easily be identified. The statements are false and all information could be verified by obtaining paperwork etc from relevant agencies (although it would be time consuming and tedious). I have contacted the web host and they refuse to take the information down. It must be done by going through the company of which my family member is the director. Thanks for the assistance.


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
You should a concerns notice to both the family member and the webhost. Preferably sooner rather later.