NSW child support and binding financial agreements.

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27 September 2015
so a consent order stipulates the payer will pay child support as assessed by CSA and extra curricular activities, school fees (public school) school uniforms.
Order also stipulates dad has alternate Friday nights.
If the payee chooses to put the kids into after school care on the Friday does the payer have to pay? even if the payer will not be using the service on the Friday he has the kids?

Will CSA garnish payments? how would that work if payee claims the govt subsidies for child care but expects payer to re-emburse based on the full cost of the service?


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5 February 2019
No, payer doesn’t have to pay for day care during the kids’ time with the payee. OSHC is not a school-based activity or an extra curricular that fits into any of the categories you’ve listed in the orders. Not by their reasonable interpretation, anyway.

CSA and CCS aren’t linked in that way, either. They’re fundamentally separate, insofar as the payer/payee relationship is concerned.