Charged with Public Drunkenness - Missed Court Date?

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1 May 2014
Hey, I got charged with being drunk in a public place last weekend in the Gold Coast and I don't remember getting arrested or being taken to the police watch house, but they let me out in couple hours later. I got a charge sheet but misplaced it, but I found it now and have realised I was meant to be in court on Monday past. But I live in Sydney. Can you advise me what I should do now?

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi Stevie,
  1. From the Queensland Courts website section on Going to Court - "It is very important that you don’t miss your court appearance; if you do, a warrant may be issued for your arrest". This means that you should consider immediately contacting a lawyer on the Gold Coast to clarify your position.
  2. What were you charged with? I assume "being drunk in a public place"? This is an offence that carries a $220 fine under section 10 of the Summary Offences Act 2005 (Qld) and doesn't generally require court attendance unless you wish to contest your fine.
  3. Did you charge sheet documentation include an Infringement Notice and Public Nuisance Ticket Information Sheet? The Information Sheet generally contains further information in relation to paying any fine and/or contesting the charge.
Please keep the community updated with your progress.