VIC Car was broken in under 24 hour. Purchased from private seller.

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16 September 2020
My bmw 2000 e46i started smoking from the glove box, I smelt something burning prior to seeing the smoke however I wasn’t sure if it was just from outside. After, the smoke the windows opened automatically and the car doors locked me in. So I was stuck inside with the smoke. I managed to get out the car however now the windows and locking system don’t work and I’ve had (!) the red dashboard light pop up.

I’ve had the car for one day and the car did pass a road worthy yesterday and they found no major issues.

I have been in possession of the car for less then 24 hours and I wasn put in serious risk.

I would of never have purchased the car if I New it had such major electrical issues and neither the seller or the mechanic who let it pass the road worthy is taking responsibility for the cars dangerous faults.