careless driving

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    VIC Car impounded on the basis of claims by pedestrian

    Hello, Last saturday my car was impounded for 30 days and towed away after a man called the police having witnessed me doing skids in an empty gravel car park (I am 18 and have had my red Ps for roughly six months). I left the carpark before before the police arrived (I was unaware they had been...
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    VIC Careless Driving on Freeway - Can I Plead Not Guilty?

    Hi all, So I have to appear in court in about 6 weeks for a Careless Driving charge. I hit the rear of a crane on a freeway after going around a slight bend on the freeway. I was looking (not touching) at my GPS fixed to my air vent, and failed to see to see the crane in time. No witnesses...
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    VIC Careless Driving Traffic Law Offence - What to Do?

    Hi, I've been charged with careless driving after running into a traffic mobile signal. Only l was injured and witnesses say l was driving erratically, I have retrograde amnesia. What are my penalties likely to be should l plead guilty? l have no history of driving or traffic law offences and...