Car Accident - How to Deal with Rental Company?

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5 November 2014
I am backpacker got an offer relocate campervan for a small amount of money. I paid for liability to be 250 if something happening. I lost controlling of the car and it rolled over, thanks God I stayed alive and not much injured. Now rental company wants my to pay 5000 dollars as I broke the rules of terms and conditions and also I must have to pay for car repair.

If I do not have that much money to pay, and it was just a car accident, I wasn't drunk or under drugs or tired. I need a good advice before I am going to a meeting with rental company.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Tatjana,

Did you sign any agreement with the rental company before you undertook the employment? What was the liability payment supposed to cover? Generally, your rental company should have insurance which would cover any costs for repairs. You will need to ask what the $5,000 is for, how it was calculated and see any documentary evidence of this (e.g. receipts for repairs, quotations etc) before considering to pay.