NSW Car Accident - Car Insurance Company can't Find Other Driver

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9 January 2015
I had an accident where a tourist from China in a rental car looked down the wrong way of the street (used to right traffic) and pulled out right in front of me. The police was called and photos of the accident also taken.

My Insurance now made me pay $1250 excess in order to get my car back from the repairers. I was not told this beforehand. They say they informed the recovery team to get the money back but if they can't find this person in china I won't get it back. The Driver also did not take comprehensive insurance out with the rental car company. It seems odd since the car accident wasn't my fault and that's why I have car insurance.

Michael T

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Hi @Eva
What is the stated excess on your car insurance policy? You would need to pay the excess when you make a claim anyway (many are around the $500-$1000 mark). Make sure you read through your policy in detail.


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1 November 2014
Time to read the fine-print of your policy.

I was under the impression that your only obligation was to identify the driver at fault. Recovering money from that driver is normally the insurer's problem. That's why we have insurance - to cover us in case the other person can't/doesn't pay up.

This is also something to look into whenever you are choosing car insurance. Something I need to do myself tonight!