NSW Can Mechanic Withhold Car?

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Racquel Lynch

4 July 2018

I just need some help for my son. His friend was using his car when it broke down and he took it to a repairer. The quote was apparently $2000 (I cannot confirm this) but when the car was fixed, it was $3500.

My son was away and has come back and is facing a bill he cannot pay. His name has never been given to the mechanic. The mechanic is holding the car until it is paid (I understand he can do this and it is called a mechanics lien).

So my question is, can the mechanic hold the car if it was brought in by someone other than the owner? And the car is in a public car park at a shopping centre and not locked up. My son needs his car for work and cannot afford to pay for it just yet.

Any help on what he can do? Whom he can speak to in order to work out a payment plan?