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    NSW Can Mechanic Withhold Car?

    Hi, I just need some help for my son. His friend was using his car when it broke down and he took it to a repairer. The quote was apparently $2000 (I cannot confirm this) but when the car was fixed, it was $3500. My son was away and has come back and is facing a bill he cannot pay. His name...
  2. C

    NSW Accountants lien over Company Tax Return

    Our Accountant is withholding lodgement of the company tax return for 2016 due to unpaid fees for an associated entity. My boss is a director and 1/2 owner of the company and all accountants fees for this company have been paid in full. The accountant is owed fees for both his and his wife...
  3. L

    QLD Lien on Case Files - Trust Statements?

    Does a Lien placed on a file include trust statements? i.e. their record of monies paid and any balances.