NSW Can I Make a Claim for Damage to Taxi?

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28 October 2014
I am a taxi owner, one of my driver was abused , attacked 16 months ago. Now the attacker has been issued with a certificate of conviction ( 1000 dollars fine) by local court of New South Wales 1 week ago (Sydney Downing center).

How can I lodge a claim for damages to my taxi vehicle caused by him.( not much, only about one thousand). The certificate shows only his name no address. My solicitor does not want to help me as it is too small, but I want things to be fair.

The attacker is a criminal. He should pay for that even a cent. Can I sue him online/

I can go to the hearing. My driver also can go too


Well-Known Member
19 April 2014
Hi @minh
If he caused the damage to the taxi and was at fault, then you'd go through his insurance, or if he's uninsured, then take to court directly.
Have a good read of the Legal Aid NSW "Crashed your car?" page that have good information about your options and the relevant processes.

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Minh,

If you know the contact details of the perpetrator then yes, you can claim damages from him for damage to your taxi/vehicle (as long as you paid for repairs or suffered loss as a result).

You can apply to the NSW Small Claims Division of the local court (if you're seeking up to $10,000 or less). The action would be an action in tort for trespass to property causing damage. It would be a civil matter.

Have a look at this Local Courts web page for more information.