NSW Burnt scalp bleach and neglected by staff

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12 July 2020

I am just curious to know if I have a claim. Any advice is much appreciated.

The hair salon I went to applied an EXTREME amount of bleach onto my scalp and worked very quickly to get to the next client which she then took her time with. She told me she would watch the ends of my hair but almost covered my entire head with 3 layers of bleach and rushed through the whole process.

When she finished applying the bleach she told me she would leave it on my head for 40 minutes but left me there for more than an hour. I kindly asked her if she could wash it off after 45 mins as I could see we were past the time on my phone as she didn't keep a timer like all my my previous hairdressers. She then told me it needed another 15 mins without coming over to inspect my hair, she only looked from across the room. I myself could clearly see that my scalp was turning red and I knew this would lead to a major problem which caused me great distress

When she took me to the basin I wasn't sure what she applied but she told me that it wasn't a toner. She applied something to my hair and it burned like crazy, she left me sitting there in a lot of pain for 15-20 mins. I should of asked what this was but I was too distracted by the pain and I was even more distressed at this stage and unable to speak due to shock. When she washed that product off she told me to "be prepared for the toner which would hurt even more" and that I would need to hang on and sit through the ordeal. I experienced excruciating pain with the toner, I was very distressed and on the verge of fainting

I have never experienced anything like this in all my years of going to a hairdresser to get a scalp bleach and I am now left with chemical burns on different parts of my scalp. I have never had an issue with bleach in the past and have never had any reactions nor been neglected by the staff while I was clearly in distress

I am so traumatised from this experience that I will now stop bleaching my hair all together. I also went to my doctor to see if the burns would get worse and what I could do to treat this as my scalp was still irritated. I woke up after barely getting any sleep last night due to the constant burning of my scalp, and I was also stressed that this will cause my hair to fall out. I also noticed more chemical burns on my scalp this morning and this made me feel worse

So I haven't lost any hair from the experience and have not been told to undergo any ongoing treatment by m my doctor even after explaining my symptoms, however, my scalp has been constantly hurting and it feels very uncomfortable. I haven't slept properly due to the pain. I believe I have been greatly affected by it and worried about getting a future bleach job done after this awful experience.

Thank you.


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27 May 2014
Yes, you likely have a claim. See a personal injury lawyer.