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The following fictional characters are staff members and denizens of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books written by J. K. Rowling.

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  1. piano0011

    Banned from Coles for adding a staff employee on facebook

    Hello! My banned is over now but now long ago, I was banned from Coles for adding a female employee on facebook. I did however say hello and ask if I could add her on Facebook or not. I guess my mistake was that I did not save the conversation as proved to show to the manager. As a result, the...
  2. D

    QLD staff parking

    what are my rights if my car is vandalised while parked in a designated staff parking area of a shopping centre?
  3. K

    NSW Burnt scalp bleach and neglected by staff

    Hi, I am just curious to know if I have a claim. Any advice is much appreciated. The hair salon I went to applied an EXTREME amount of bleach onto my scalp and worked very quickly to get to the next client which she then took her time with. She told me she would watch the ends of my hair but...
  4. J

    VIC Thirty

    Hi I just want to know what will happen if I saw someone stealing items from supermarket and I didn’t tell the staff members and I just helped him to get out of the supermarket
  5. I

    QLD Signing the Code of Conduct

    Hi Just wanted to know that if the employer requires all teachers to sign a staff code of conduct, can some staff opt out of it or decline to sign? What are the rights of the employer and the employee in this regards? Thank you Regards Iqbal