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Major trauma is any injury that has the potential to cause prolonged disability or death. There are many causes of major trauma, blunt and penetrating, including falls, motor vehicle collisions, and stabbing and gunshot wounds. Depending on the severity of injury, quick management and transport to an appropriate medical facility (called a trauma center) may be necessary to prevent loss of life or limb. The initial assessment involves a physical evaluation and can also include the use of imaging tools to accurately determine a type of injury and to formulate a course of treatment. Various classification scales exist for use with trauma to determine the severity of injuries, which is used to determine the resources used and for statistical collection. The initial assessment is critical in determining the extent of injuries and what will be needed to manage an injury, and treating immediate life threats.
In 2002, unintentional and intentional injuries were the fifth and seventh leading causes of deaths worldwide, accounting for 6.23% and 2.84% of all deaths. For research purposes the definition is often based on an injury severity score (ISS) of greater than 15.

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  1. N

    America injured by Australian product- what recourse do I have?

    I purchased a hair removal product from a Australian company online. I read as much as I could about the product on their website and the reviews as well as the operating instructions. I followed the instructions exactly and ended up being burned all over my leg and stomach where I used the...
  2. Kristen frost

    Injured at hairdresser

    Hello I am looking for informations Today I was at the hairdresser getting my hair done, unfortunately when the girl got the heat lamp and put it over my head she tried to make it higher and it slipped out of the connecting piece and fell down onto my head. Now this thing was rather heavy...
  3. F

    Injured by Loss prevention officers at bunnings

    Hi, I know its not the best of things...bad decisions on my part, ill deal with that. but i do have a serious question. Yesterday i was caught shoplifting in bunnings, loss prevention officers approached me outside the store asked about the items, i gave them back and accompanied them back to...
  4. BlabberBigMouth

    VIC Slipped in Woolworths. Badly injured.

    I went in to shop 3 nights ago at our local Woolworths on the 5th May 2018. Whilst turning to go down a lane ,the trolley in front of me, I slipped on excess polish I think it was. Although I managed to keep myself upright, when I slipped, my right knew bent sideways taking all my body pressure...
  5. F

    NSW Police officer injured at work - Do I have a claim?

    Here is the nuts and bolts of my situation: - Suffered complete tear of my ACL while on duty in 2012. - Had knee reconstruction surgery soon after followed by physio for 6 months, all paid for under worker's comp - Returned to full duties 9 months after surgery. - For past 6 months pain has...
  6. D

    NSW Injured in a supermarket

    My mum recently slipped on a grape in a supermarket. The grape was on the floor of the cheese isle, not the fruit/veg section. As a result, she has sustained injuries to her leg, knee and ankle. The incident was immediately reported to a member of staff, who completed an incident report form. My...