NSW Bullying Harassment Neighbours

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Natasha Marin

10 November 2019

We are a two Lot Strata (I am Lot 2 and neighbours are Lot 1) and have been in a long-term dispute with Lot 1 since 2016 regarding my pet dog and other strata issues. Lot 1 has on numerous occasions complained to various bodies, council etc and have failed to prove that my dog is a nuisance (both with the council and the tribunal). Now Lot 1 has found other ways to antagonise us and have imposed on us both a financial as well as a psychological burden due to this ongoing harassment. They constantly complain to the police about every trivial matter, and where I believe fabricate stories both to the police and to the Compulsory Strata Manager, with false accusations in regards to noise and other breaches of the bylaws. It is impossible to reason with these people (Lot 1) as they refuse any civil conversation or mediation. Every time I try to speak to them and try to resolve the situation, all I get is insults and then the police is knocking on my door. I’ve told the police that I should get police protection from these people (Lot 1) and not the other way around. I have been subjected to bullying and harassment, with passive aggressive behaviour from Lot 1, for just over three years and does not appear to stop or abate at all. My lawyer has issued a cease and desist letter to Lot 1 advising them to stop this bullying and harassment or they will be facing the consequences as a result of their behaviour. It hasn’t stop. Every time “one door closes” another “door opens”. Lot 1 find ways to harass me and my husband in every possible way they can. I’ve tried to complain to the Compulsory Strata Manager and it just falls on deaf ears as basically the Strata Managers are useless as a managing agency, as well as being friends with Lot 1. The police won’t help either. Just recently, my husband had to leave the house around 8:30 pm attending a sporting event and I was meeting a friend for dinner in the local restaurant and had to leave our pet dog outside in the backyard. Around 8:50pm I received a phone call from the police, while at the restaurant, telling me that my dog is barking. I said to the police “my husband just left the house about 20 minutes ago and I am currently at the restaurant and it is only 8:50pm. What do you want me to do?” The police than asked “If someone would be home soon”. I replied “yes” and finished conversation. This is just one example that I am constantly subjected to by Lot 1. My Questions are: What can I do to stop this? Can I take Lot 1 to civil court for the bullying and harassment? What are my rights and how can I fight this and have it stopped once and for all?

Thank you.