NSW Harassment from Neighbour

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21 March 2018
Hi all,
This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong section of the forum, My name is Danny and I am currently residing in a strata plan Villa. We share a common driveway which runs parallel to each lot with a short driveway leading into each garage.

The situation I am experiencing is with my neighbour who unfortunately works nights and his bedroom shares a common wall to my garage. I usually park my vehicle in my driveway and complete any work on said vehicle ie general services and tinkering.

I never do any work of an evening and seldom rarely after work as its already late and I try not to make noise when I can. The issue is he is constantly coming outside and confronting me about being outside and working on my vehicle to the point where he is yelling at me about trivial things. He has complained to the strata manager about it but I cant get any clear details about what is considered acceptable amounts of noise. I am in no way running air tools or electric tools and do 90% of all work with hand tools, I never have multiple cars and parked and never obstruct the common driveway. I have gone to the police about his harassment towards me but they cant do much unless I'm in fear for my safety which I am not.

I believe the issue is that he works nights and sleeps during the day. I guess what I am asking is am I breaching any sort of council or strata rules being outside on what is considered common property working on my vehicle and also what is acceptable amounts of noise?

Any advice will be appreciated.



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27 May 2014
Is it possible to have a civil conversation with him about what times are acceptable to him?

Acknowledge things are bad, but see if there is some way he can get sleep and you can get the work done you want done so it becomes a win win for both of you. If the direct approach is not doable, is there a mutual neighbour who can act as mediator?