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    VIC How long do I give an owners corp to do their job

    I live in an apartment and water is dripping (sometimes running) onto my balcony from the one above. It’s highly likely it’s aircon related given it’s dripping from where their compressor is located, and it only happens on hot days, however in truth I don’t know the real cause. I reported it to...
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    VIC Owners Corporation Victoria

    Member on our OC want some works and items asap. We have limited funds which we are saving for an OHS issue we need to fix. Individual lot owners are preposing to pay for items and works themselves so they do it now. Is this a conflict of interest? How do we manage quality of works and ownership...
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    NSW Can NCAT subpoena personal emails?

    we are in a dragged out dispute with a neighbour and he has told us he is going to have NCAT subpoena owners’ personal emails. Can NCAT subpoena owners’ emails and force owners to provide them to NCAT as evidence??
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    VIC Owners Corporation - Will Chemical Smell Cause Issues After Sale?

    Hi. Last year, our apartment had a water leak from outside. Owners corporation organised repairs which have left a chemical smell, still lingering after 4 months. If the apartment windows are open it is not noticeable, only when closed up. We have purchased an off the plan apartment which will...
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    QLD Intellectual Property ownership

    What it is called when someone gives a limited IP right to someone else, but retains the IP themselves eg. An architect lets a builder use their plan with the builder's copyright on it their final version, but the architect still owns the IP of the plans. The builder cannot reuse the plan or...
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    VIC Recording of a Owners Corporation Meeting

    I held an owners corporation meeting at my house as there was no official owners corporation set up yet, and one member recorded the conversation without consent of anybody or anybody having knowledge of this. Is this legal, and with an official owners corporation being set up, and the...
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    NSW Concerns About Bridge Housing

    I am an owner /occupier in an inner Sydney suburb where our rents and property values would be considered to be expensive. In the last couple of years a couple of owners/investors have entered into tenancy agreements with Bridge Housing - one of many accommodation agencies being used by FACS to...
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    VIC Owners Corp- parking and model rules

    We live in an 11 Townhouse complex. Our townhouse (unit 5 )and a neighbour (unit 6) are located at the end of the common roadway , at a T- intersection end of that roadway. As such, we do not have driveways...although ALL the other townhouses , which face onto the roadway DO have a driveway...
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    VIC Owners Corporation - Legal to Record Noisy Tenants as Evidence?

    We rent in a strata-titled building in Victoria. We've had to make two noise complaints and a Notice to Rectify Breach was issued against the noisy tenants by the Owners Corporation. The noisy tenants wrote to the Owners Corporation denying that their noise was unreasonable. In response, the...
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    NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 - Applying for External Structures?

    Hello, One of the lot owners in our block is seeking to make alterations to his lot under minor renovations. He plans to enclose his external outdoor covered space thereby extending his living space. He is making an application to the Owners Corporation for a new bylaw to give him permission...