Binding Financial Agreement

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24 November 2019
Thanks Sammy - when you say 'stop paying' do you mean completely stop paying her and invite her to contact CSA for the payments to be made via Collect?

We have made 5 written requests in the past weeks/months which have been refused and/or completely ignored. As the DVO is now in place (due to her ongoing harassment/abuse/threats etc) she is using this to deny/refuse communications with the child.

Can i confirm if this is correct & what the process is for resolving;
- offer new consent orders (aware that these will be rejected and will come with an expectation of a BFA)
- during the process of offering consent orders, do we raise the contravention of the consent orders with her (don't want it to be seen as a threat, but in reality it will come across like that)
- make a contravention application with the courts (refusing communications/contact with child)
- on the assumption that the consent orders will be refused, how do we apply to the court for court issued parenting orders. My understanding is that this is very difficult and that there should be a significant change in circumstances? We would love to have the child stay with us for extended periods of time as he is not yet school age, however, want to be reasonable in our requests/expectations
- do we lodge these court applications in our State, or the State that the child lives in?

thanks so much