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Termination of employment is an employee's departure from a job. Termination may be voluntary on the employee's part, or it may be at the hands of the employer, often in the form of dismissal (firing) or a layoff. Dismissal or firing is generally thought to be the fault of the employee, whereas a layoff is generally done for business reasons (for instance a business slowdown or an economic downturn) outside the employee's performance.
Firing carries a stigma in many cultures, and may hinder the jobseeker's chances of finding new employment, particularly if he or she has been sacked from previous jobs. Jobseekers sometimes do not mention jobs from which they were fired on their résumés; accordingly, unexplained gaps in employment, and refusal or failure to contact previous employers are often regarded as "red flags".

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  1. beautifulpomegranate

    Do My Post-Termination Restraints Still Apply?

    If a business has ‘closed’ and is now operating under another ABN and you have terminated your contract with them and not re-signed a contract under their new ABN/name, do your non-solicitation and post-termination restraints still apply?
  2. R

    QLD Objectionable Behaviour

    A lease was terminated due to ‘alleged objectionable behaviour’ by tenant number 1. Tenant number 2, 3 and 4 were named in the application to terminate because they are siblings and signatories to the lease even though they were not part of the ‘misbehaviour’. What are the rights of the 3...
  3. T

    Commission payment after resignation/termination

    I have an employee who I hired as a commission-only Sales Director for Real Estate for 8 months, using a standard agreement. Then, we hired him as an employee using a standard employment contract, but doesn't mention about commission. Since then, we paid him as employee, and would just pay him...
  4. J

    NSW Am I entitled to HR investigation report that has led to termination?

    Hi all, Recently, my entire team has been investigated by HR on the back of accusations made by a disgruntled former employee during his exit interview. Both I and the senior project manager have been issued with a notice of intent to terminate our employment, however there is a long list...
  5. R

    VIC Lawfully terminating employee - How to?

    I am on a dozen call backs waiting for lawyers to contact me, but they are obviously not interested in small fry and I cannot get my question answered. We have an employee that we would like to terminate, myself, and my business partner, do not currently work in the business as employees. We...
  6. B

    SA Termination clause in supplier agreement contract

    HI, we run a uniform & workwear shop. We are in negotiations with local school to buy and sell their uniform through our shop. The uniform is custom made and embroidered with school logo and our stock holding value could exceed $150k. A contract has been drawn up by the school. We do not...
  7. Jitters

    QLD Sellers solicitor delaying notification of contract termination

    Hello, Apologies if this post in not in the right forum, or if this has already been asked. I couldn't find the answer in the forums. How long does the sellers solicitor have to release an acknowledgement/letter/notification of termination of contract? Does the sellers solicitor have any...
  8. P

    QLD Constructive Dismissal FCA Plead post termination - General Protection

    Looking at including a constructive dismissal angle in preparation for a General Protection FCA plead. Termination was 24 hours after a workplace complaint, but a month before probation. The rapidity of the termination was deliberately and publicly humiliating but as it is not an unfair...
  9. V

    NSW Unfair termination of employment

    My employer is trying to fire me in NSW because I did not tell them I was working remotely from Byron Bay and lied about it, said my car had mechanic problems., then I confessed and said I was working from Byron Bay at my mums place. The assignment was to take photos of signage. They are now...
  10. T

    NSW Unlawful termination AND general protections dismissal

    An employee has two grounds for a general protections dismissal claim: 1. Discrimination based on political opinion. 2. Adverse action for industrial activity. However, because the employee lives in NSW, a "loophole" applies which means the employee is not covered by the general protections...