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Brisbane City Council (BCC) is the democratic executive local government authority for the City of Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland, Australia. The largest City Council in Australia by population and area, BCC's jurisdiction includes 26 wards and 27 elected councillors covering 1338km2. BCC is overseen by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Adrian Schrinner, and the Council of Brisbane (all councillors of the City of Brisbane) and the Civic Cabinet (Councillors that chair one of eight standing committees within BCC). The Council's CEO is Colin Jensen, supported by EO Ainsley Gold.

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    QLD Can Brisbane city council remove street parking on your street

    Brisbane city council has decided it wants to do congestion management in our street. They are proving that they will remove parking on both sides of our street and use this section of road for a 2.5metre bike lane. we have lived here for over 22 years with no issues. Now they have decided that...
  2. L

    QLD Challenge development based on scale and design compatibility?

    Hi, I'm in Brisbane (Brisbane City Council) and my neighbour is building a massive shed. It is 7-8m high, 15m wide and 10m long. It has 5 gates. I'm in a LDR Low density residential zone and this structure dominates the whole area. They are on battle axe block.I wouldn't mind if the shed was a...
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    QLD Consequences of Refusing to Pay Brisbane City Council Fine?

    Wha?t can the Brisbane City Council do when I refuse to pay a fine imposed for my grass being too long. The house is rented. I have disputed the fine, but they are proving impossible to deal with. I know it will be sent to another agency, but if I refuse point blank to pay, what...
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    QLD Brisbane City Council Parking Fine - Issued inconsistent with Traffic Operations Act?

    I received a parking fine issued by a Brisbane City Council officer at around 6:30 am for parking other than parallel (I was facing the wrong way on the street). There was a reason for it, the car was leaking fuel out of the filler neck due to the camber of the road, so I spun the car around so...
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    QLD Brisbane City Council Clearway Parking Fine

    I was driving in Brisbane City a little while ago when stopped my car on the side of the road where my wife got out of the car and I stayed in the vehicle. Within seconds a car approached from behind (presumably Brisbane City Council but there are no marking on the front) and it honked it's...
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    QLD Neighbour Building a Shed - Queries about Brisbane City Council Approval?

    Our neighbour has started work recently to build a huge shed (more than 3m long) (I don't know the height because they have digged the whole backyard and started to lay concrete) right next to the rear of his fence without any setback which is also next to our house. I am sure that they have...