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VIC Australian Law on Incorporated Legal Practices?

Discussion in 'Commercial Law Forum' started by The British student, 16 March 2016.

  1. The British student

    16 March 2016
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    What are the regulatory requirements surrounding a non legal shareholder owning a stake in an Incorporated legal Practice?

    I am trying to research, the maximum shareholding a non AUS practising Lawyer can own within a Law firm for a comparison of business structures. The scenario is that a UK Lawyer wishes to set up a practice in another country/territory with the intention of merging with an existing law firm.

    So... if I was a qualified UK Lawyer, what percentage shareholding could I hold in an Australian Law firm? (Specifically Victoria or Queensland)

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    I know that you have to have at least one legal practitioner director who is an Australian legal practitioner holding an unrestricted practising certificate. But sorry not sure on shareholding

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