NSW Australian Consumer Law and Online Shopping - What are Our Rights?

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17 May 2016
I am a member of an online discount shopping app. I have returned a few items which gave me in-store credit. I have recently bought a few items and used credit each time. I realised today when making a purchase that I have definitely spent more than the credits for my returned goods and it appears there is a glitch on the app that continues to allow me to use approximately $30 credit at each purchase.

I have not done this intentionally however I don't want to have to pay back money or be in trouble legally for using credit given to me in error.

Under Australian Consumer Law, what are my rights in this scenario & what rights does the online store have? Am I likely to be in trouble? I believe I have spent approximately $210 over my credit limit.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.


Dear Moi,

It obviously depends on the circumstances of the matter, however often where mistakes occur an online business is entitled to reverse the transactions. For example where a price glitch occurs and shoppers purchase an item that is incorrectly priced then the store, may be entitled to refuse to sell the item for that price.

There are no hard and fast rules in this regard in the Australian Consumer Law. Check the website terms and conditions, it will be bound by its own terms and conditions of sale.