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19 May 2020
Hi All

We have received 190 Visa in Oct 2019. I was the primary applicant. We have done the initial entry during Nov 2019. Post that my husband landed
in NSW during Feb 2020. He continued to stay there. But we see there no interview calls due to COVID.

1) I have a very good job in India and well paid. I m planning to continue to stay in India for few more years. Can my husband apply for citizenship after staying there for 4 years?
2) Is it mandatory for me to be in Australia as I am the primary applicant?
3) If my husband can apply for citizenship, will myself and my kids will get citizenship by default?

If the situation gets better and my husband can find a job, we have planned to relocate. Otherwise, we want to see if there will be any impact
for PR/Citizenship if I stay back.