QLD Assaulted by Security Guards - Press Charges?

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Not sure if this is in the right section but anyway...

Basically I was drinking with some friends in an apartment complex where students share accommodation, and was urinating in the garden out the front when two security guards basically caught me doing it. One of them had me by the shirt and as I tried to leave. They basically grabbed me by the neck and had me in a headlock to the point of not being able to breathe while they took me out the front to police. The police basically asked me a few questions then told me I have to move on or I'll be arrested.

Can I press charges for assault? And should I admit what I was doing to police if I go into a police station to press charges? If so can they fine me or is it a matter of they have to catch you in the act?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
Can I press charges?
Can you? Not enough to tell.
Should you? Nah.

You have not told us whether or not you were intoxicated (I suspect you were).
You have not told us whether or not you got mouthy with the security people
(intoxicated people do this often).
You have made no reference to witnesses.

You were caught doing something that gets people charged with offensive conduct.
But you were not charged. You were not even arrested.
Not a bad outcome, for Queensland.

Forget acting against the security guards.
I suggest that you grow up, harden up, call it a lucky escape,
and get on with your life.