Assault - Fight with Scooter Driver and Compensation

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4 June 2014
I don't think I hit the scooter but the scooter driver thinks I hit him and assaulted me. 2, 3 punches, not any significant physical damage. My 7 year son was in the car and got scared. Can I charge him of assault for compensation?

I am busy, think why to go in the mess. Can be complicated.

Please advice, will be highly appreciated.


Well-Known Member
8 April 2014
G'day Sam123,

Which State are you located in?
Did you get the scooter driver's contact details?
Have you spoken to your local police? I think you'd be able to make a report to the police and then the police could potentially charge him with assault if there is a case to answer. For example, check out the WA Police 'Criminal offence descriptions' page that sets out assault as: "the direct (and immediate/confrontational) infliction of force, injury or violence upon a person or persons or the direct (and immediate/confrontational) threat of force, injury or violence where there is an apprehension that the threat could be enacted".