VIC Assault by PSO - Sue for Compensation?

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18 December 2014
I was recently at a McDonalds restaurant and there was an altercation between me and a Protective Service Officer (PSO) after being asked to move on. As I did so, I was grabbed by the throat and dropped to the ground by the officer. There is CCTV footage of it and I have it in my possession as well as 3 witness accounts. Is it possible for me to take these matters further and sue for compensation for the damages as I required stitches in my eye and time off work for the injury?

I recently went to court today as the same bunch of PSO's charged for assault as one of them accused me of spitting on them and for resisting arrest and being drunk but the criminal charges were all dropped as my solicitor showed the prosecutor the footage of me clearly being assaulted before hand by the PSO and my actions after were justified. I'm just trying to get some of the money back in compensation as none of this would have happened if I wasn't assaulted prior to the way I acted and the outcome.



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27 May 2014
yes. See a lawyer.