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  1. Andy Mann

    NSW Ex-partner Repeatedly Threatening to Contact My Girlfriend - Restraining Order?

    Morning everyone, let me explain. My ex lives approx. 2 hours away from me and we have been co-parenting as per a private legal agreement. I have 2 children, 13 & 11 years old and she has her own older son who is 25 years of age. I was caring for the kids at our house which I've agreed to give...
  2. R

    QLD Attacked by Two Men - Can I Claim Personal Injury Compensation?

    On the 4th of March, I went to the strip club for a friend's birthday. At around 3:30am, my partner and I were at the taxi rank. A fight broke out between myself and two other men. Both of the other men involved were arrested on the night. In the CCTV footage according to the officer, there is...
  3. G

    NSW Australian Army Voluntary Cadets - Daughter Accused of Theft?

    Hello everybody, I do not know how much detail I can go into, the matter is not being investigated by Police or before the courts at this point in time. If it does not create issues I can provide more details to anybody who may be responding to this thread. My daughter is a cadet with the...
  4. K

    Australian Army - Physiological Testing and Security Clearance

    Hello, I would like to enquire about my rights to reserve any medical information that is over 7-10 old although quite poignant at the time, now has no impact or relevance in my life, but could jeopardise potential employment in the Australian Army. I would like to know what kind of medical...