QLD Any drawbacks on making a CTP claim

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14 June 2020
I was hit by a car last year when I was crossing at a pedestrian crossing. Although no bones were broken or fractured, I suffered severe bone bruising to my both my ankles and my left elbow. I know this sounds cliche but after the accident I have been having problems with my mental health, I get flashback of the accident at times, leading to insomnia then causing me anxiety and depression....

I am also studying physiotherapist and will be graduating at the end of the year, during clinical placements after the accident, I am having trouble with heavy lifting, bending down and some other physical limitations. I can still perform all the task i am required as a physio but I am in pain all the time.

After the accident i underwent therapies and what not, i I am now on regular pain relief for my pain as well. I have consulted a CTP lawyer last year under the encouragement of a friend. I want to know if there is any drawback in making the claim? like after the claim is finish will i be in disadvantage of any sort?

Any help is appreciated

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Get yourself the advice of a lawyer who works in the Personal Injury space.

Drawbacks of making a claim?
The main one is the extensive medical examinations you will be required to undergo.

Prospects of success? Impossible to speculate.


14 June 2020
The thing is I am worried that the solicitor will probably just say all the good things about it so they can get the job.
And if it was that easy like all the solicitors have told me...Everyone would just make a claim to get some extra dollar anyway, am I right?


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10 September 2014
The stress of the journey and examinations is what makes it hard. Esoecially if it is mental health which is already poor due to the accident The insurance company will try find anything else to pin your health on aside from accident.

It is a decision you need to make for you.