Anti-Semitism Law in Australia?

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Tim W

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28 April 2014
is holocaust denying considered against the law?!
Holocaust denial per se is not an offence in Australia.
Just as it not an offence to deny Armenian genocide, nor the Rwandan genocide,
nor the work of Pol Pot ("The Killing Fields"), nor the genocide of Bosnian Muslims
during the break-up of Yugoslavia.

That said, depending on the circumstances
(that is, what somebody says, the where, and the how),
such a statement could amount to unlawful racial vilification.
Indeed, as JohnR points out above, it already has.

Tim W

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
28 April 2014
Can someone tell me where to read more about the Anti-Semitism law in australia.
I want what exactly written in the constitution about this law.

To answer the original question (especially the part which I have put in bold for clarity)...

When wanting to see what the The Constitution says,
it can be very helpful indeed to actually look at the The Constitution.
You may do that here:

You will find that there is no mention of anti-Semitism in The Constitution.
Indeed, you will find that there is no law anywhere in Australia
that favours the Jewish people (or, separately, the Jewish faith)
ahead of anyone else, or any other faith.


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11 July 2014
Hi K M

The Constitution of Australia protects the religious freedom of Australians. Here you can read the exact words of the relevant section 116:

Detailed anti discrimination laws are set out in legislation, not the Constitution. As other contributors point out above, anti semitic discrimination is prohibited under laws which are drafted in more general terms so as to prohibit racial and religious discrimination against any persons.

As you seem to be interested in the text as 'exactly written', here is a link to the authoritative version of the Racial Discrimination Act:

The Australian Human Rights Commission is the peak anti discrimination and equal opportunity body in Australia. Their website ( summarises their statutory responsibilities and complaint handling processes. If you have further questions, you can of course make a general enquiry with them on 1300 369 711.



Active Member
13 July 2014
Then why it is ok to insult muslims (Pauline Hanson kept doing this for years with no problem) and considered as freedom of speech!!! but you will be prosecuted to mention that holocaust victims were less than what some people think?!!!

is Australian law bias?! double standard?!
is the anti-discrimination law is discriminating?!