NSW Anti-discrimination laws for LGBT people and polyamorous people

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    8 July 2017
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    Hi I do HSC Legal Studies, and at the moment I'm studying Family Law.

    One of the dot points is Alternative Family Relationships, and same-sex relationships are an example but polyamorous couples are also another. My teacher outlined the anti-discrimination laws that protect people in same-sex relationships, but my question is are those same protections given to people involved in polyamorous relationships?
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    My immediate, haven't gone and looked at anything, response is:

    1. When it comes to the person, they would get treated no differently than anyone else in the eyes of the law.
    2. The legal structure does not recognise or cater for polyamory. It is a crime, for example, to be married to more than one person at once (bigamy). I would expect the law would require the 'main' relationship to be recognised. And I say 'main' because in true polyamory, all the interconnected relationships are equal - try telling them to make one the 'main'.
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