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    QLD Jail Failed to Bring Brother to Funeral - Compensation?

    My older brother passed away 08/01/2017 from suicide. My younger brother is currently in prison awaiting trial and was at the time of our brother's funeral, so my mother and I contacted the jail and made all the appropriate arrangements that the jail required. We had to pay $1600 for transport...
  2. L

    VIC Caught Shoplifting - What Should I Do?

    I don't have criminal record. I have shoplifted from some stores over the last 6 months. Last week, a security guard caught me shoplifting when I left the shop. They called the police. Now I got go to court for what happened on that day. I just moved to Melbourne. Couldn't find a job, have no...
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    VIC Criminal Damage Due to Mental Health Issues - What to Do?

    Recently, I was out drinking with friends when an argument broke out and I was removed from the premises. I was resistant towards the security guards who removed me. I quickly became hysterical. When I was taken outside, I ran into traffic in an attempt to take my life, only the car coming...
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    VIC Trustee - Do We Need Certificate of Attainment?

    Hi. My brother recently committed suicide. He was living at home with my parents and currently has 2 Super funds. One with MTAA super and one BT superannuation. His BT account was only 6 weeks of employment and we have been advised that we won't receive any benefit payout from that account as...
  5. L

    VIC Property Law on Selling Home After Suicide?

    What is the situation in Victoria regarding the sale of a home following a suicide? Does it need to be disclosed under property law? It was not a violent or horrific death. Thank you.
  6. F

    WA Criminal Law - Legal Consequences if I Commit Suicide?

    Okay, so I am determined that I am most definitely going to end my life. I have given myself a few options as to how I'm going to commit suicide, but as I am concerned as to the fallout and aftermath, I want help from people who know this stuff. One option is the good old fashion OD, and maybe...
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    NSW No Will - How to Sort Out Her Affairs?

    Unsure where to go from here, A friend's daughter recently committed suicide with no will in place. She has 3 young toddler age children. I have helped her apply for a letter of appointment to sort out her affairs but she is unsure about where to look for info. Her documents & property have been...
  8. D

    Mother Attempted Suicide - Child Protection and DNA Testing?

    I recently received a call from child protection advising me that I have a child born December 2013. I have not had any contact with the mother since July 2013 but I was aware she was pregnant and I told her that if I was the father I would support the child. The mother recently attempted...
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    QLD Superannuation Death Benefit After Husband's Suicide

    Hi. My husband recently suicided at 34years of age. He has 3 superannuation accounts open. I've contacted all 3 of them and he has enough money in each of them to claim for the death benefits and he is well past the 13 month period that they don't pay out on suicide. I have a solicitor lodging...
  10. C

    NSW Witnessing a Suicide - Laws?

    Hello, Can somebody please tell me what the law is regarding a situation where somebody might witness a suicide or obvious preparation for a suicide - specifically in terms of whether or not they have any obligation to interfere with the suicidal person's actions, whether or not they are...