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  1. Complex16

    QLD Final Orders Sought - Thoughts and Suggestions?

    Hi all, I am looking for some fresh eyes/perspectives and guidance please on final orders to seek in my matter. Happy to answer questions if you need further info, but will provide a summary to kick things off :-D Current consent orders are that I have sole parental responsibility on an...
  2. F

    NSW Half Sisters Welfare

    I'm looking on advice on how to get custody of my 14y/o half sister. In July 2017 my 19 y/o sister and I went to court to have our step father charged for multiple accounts on the sexual assualt we experienced when living with him and our mother as children. During this court case our mother...
  3. J

    ACT Drink Driving - Can Charges be Dropped?

    12 months ago, in a suicide attempt, I crashed my car (unregistered at the time). I was later picked up by the police and breath tested and blew 0.2 bac. I was taken to the police station and breath tested again and they took my drivers licence on the spot (90 day suspension). Officers were not...
  4. Red Belly

    VIC Help with Syndicated Gang Stalking?

    I'm now 62.7 years, been homeless for 22 years, and after as long looking for answers as to "why?", I'm still suffering from the shock of what I uncovered about myself and what's going on behind my back. An illegitimate issue of a wealthy banker, who has his secret cult's plan for me, which I...
  5. B

    ACT Building Owner Giving Misleading Statements After Investigation?

    In an instance where there has been a car fire, for example, due to a suicide attempt and the owner of a building is claiming that after a police investigation by the federal police, it has been found it to be a suicide attempt by someone who is mentally ill, and for them to then publicly say on...
  6. C

    QLD Ex attempted suicide should i keep the kids?

    My ex took out a DVO on me (which wasnt even properly served to me by the police) after i broke that DVO via texting her in anger over not seeing my kids she had me locked up in the police watch house. While i was in the watchhouse i got charged by the police for an alleged r**e offense which...
  7. I

    VIC Drink Driving Criminal Conviction - What to Do?

    Hi, In August 2012, I lost my drivers licence due to a suicide attempt of alcohol poisoning because my mum had died the year prior in my arms of massive heart attack and the guilt was overwhelming. I parked my car and just drank til I past out hoping to not wake. I didn't know that it was...
  8. O

    NT New Zealand Citizen on Suspended Sentence - Possible to Fly Back?

    Hello, I am a New Zealand citizen and have been living in Australia for about 4 Years on the NZ special visa. Recently I was convicted of some drug possession charges and social supply in the NT. I served 33 days in prison and the rest of my sentence was suspended (12 months). I am under a...
  9. Z

    NSW How to Take Department of Housing to Court?

    I have been diagnosed with depression since 2005, and I have seen 3 psychiatrists where I tried a few medications . In 01/02/2016, I ran into a problem with the landlord. I stopped paying rent for 2 weeks, so he gave me an eviction letter. So I contacted the Department of Housing (Housing NSW)...
  10. Jackie M.

    NSW Threatened with Being Reported for Cyber Harassment and Cyber Stalking?

    A year ago, I started a website to expose a USA TV celebrity as a sexual conman (the story was initially covered in New Idea magazine and Today Tonight). I did it so that other women whom he targets online (his pattern of behaviour) could find out about his track record and read stories from the...