QLD Will Insurance Cover Accidental Hole in Apartment Wall?

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27 October 2014
Accidentally put a hole of 40cm in diameter in an apartment wall, could the home insurance cover it?

I am a juvenile, the owner asked me to pay for it rather than getting it from the insurance company, he said or else I will have a criminal record, is it true under insurance law?


Hi Cairen9510,

Whether or not the repair to the hole will be covered will depend on the terms of the insurance policy, however that type of damage is not typically covered by home and contents insurance. Also, the cost of the repairs may not exceed by much, the cost of paying the excess on the policy.

If you caused damage to the owners house then you are liable to pay for the damages, you have no right to request that the person make a claim under their policy of insurance.

As for having a criminal record if you don't, no. Unless there is more to the story than what you have indicated above refusing to pay will not give you a criminal record, however the owner is entitled to sue you for the damage to his wall.