NSW Which Form for Interim Orders of Urgent Spousal Maintenance without a final case?

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16 August 2019
My partner and I are separated a little while ago. We can't divorce yet.

I want to apply for interim orders of "urgent" spousal maintenance without also filing for final financial orders/a final case of divorce.

I need the urgent maintenance to support myself while I hire a lawyer and collect the information I need for my Financial Disclosure statement to submit the final forms.

I can't find the right form.

On the Family Courts page I found the "Initiating Application Kit" which states it can only be used for interim orders when also requesting final orders and I have to prepare a Financial Disclosure statement.

I also found the "Application In a Case" form which states it can only be used for interim orders when an Initiating Application has been submitted, or an Application For Divorce. The Initiating Application requires a Financial Disclosure statement.

Where are the forms for the people who need temporary spousal maintenance in order to prepare their Financial Disclosure?


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5 February 2019
Such forms don’t exist because spousal maintenance isn’t an entitlement. You’d need to include it as an interim order in an initiating application for financial orders (which, as you said, must also seek final orders).
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