VIC What to do when my housemates have emptied my room and my real estate agent isn't doing anything

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28 May 2020
I had been paying rent for 3.5 years at a house when i missed paying rent one month by accident an no one notified me. So my housemates went through all my stuff, (total privacy invasion), bagged up all my clothes and ruined heaps of stuff ( like expensive essential oils that are all emptied) and got ride of all my furniture. The rental agents were doing a walk through because they had suspected a third person was living in the house when only 2 ppl were on the lease. Myself and my other housemate Brad were on the lease and he had a friend come over from NZ that was going to stay for a cpl weeks i was told. I was away although still paying rent for about 4 months prior to missing rent this one time as mentioned above. So the rental agents called me and said that my mattress was on the front porch! To my surprise of course, as until now i had now idea they had packed up my room with me knowing. I came straight home to see all my furniture gone execept my bed frame and bed, and all my clothes in bags. Of course i interigrated my housemate asking why he did this and why not just ask me about rent. I'd never missed paying rent for 3 years at this place so obviously there was a mistake somewhere. i Paid it right away upon hearing that i had forgotten. I left and came back the next day and half my furniture had been returned, but my bookshelf, computer chair, large mirror and brand new pair of $200 shoes were still missing. You might ask why i didn't report it to the police then, but things were returning slowly so i didn't know then if it all would be returned or not. As i started to go through alll the bags (which was not an easy task) and actually was kind of hearbreaking as so many thing i cared about were just emptied carelessly into boxes and bags. I had bought a lot of essential oils to start my own business and every single oil's lid was opened and they all leaked out, probably $1000 just in losss of oils. Then other things i wasn't able to find in the bags started to come to my memory, like a pair of large headphones that were black and gold and worth $80-$100. I know i had cash in one of my drawers in a secret spot, at least $500 maybe $1000. A collections of semi precious stones given to me from an ex boyfriend also missing. I have a sunglasses business i am just starting called DawnBeams, and i had pieces of jewellry (old and new) and swarvosky crystals laid on on large lids for easy access when i was creating and they were all just dumped into a bag. Three years of living in a room and now it was all just in bags and am stilll finding things missing. A bedroom in your home should always be your safe place, and mine had just been violated to the maximum and dumped into garbage bags. I couldn't find towels, or socks or clean clothes from dirty, it was a disaster - one I'm still sorting through.

I recently hid my dj mixer in my room under some blanets and a scarf so it was really well hidden, and I came home to get it to find the box empty, meaning one of them had purposely gone through all my stuff and taken this item. I left the empty box in the hallway with a note saying "give it back" and called the police the next day to go over the whole situation with them to ask what to do. They said because it is stuff inside the house i couldn't report it as theft but to take it up with my real estate agent (who has said absolutely nothing when i've told him the events taking place) or to VCAT.

I called another real estate agency (same as mine but different location) and the lady was SO HELPFUL on the phone, she couldn't believe I was being treated this way. FINALLY someone who cared! She told me to report to police and then get an IVO on them so they couldn't take my stuff anymore. Also to complain to the director of the branch of the real estate agency about my agent. I've been too scared to stay there with all the lies they said and the things they do, i'm not sure what they are capable of, so i've been renting somewhere else for the time being while figuring out what to do. I paid rent last month but haven't this month because i can't afford two places, and
they also racked up $2000 of utilities under my name before switching to their own accounts with different companies. The lady i talked to seemed to think I could be reimbursed for everything they've tampered with and all my housing costs while being too scared to live in my own home, is this true?

Also my real estate agent, has threatened a 14 days to vacate notice as we are in arrears, but i tried emailing him a form with my offer for the next 6months - a year, and trickily, without saying yes or no, just asked me "as per my last email" to pay rent to which i asked i my offer was ok and just said to send the money via bpay. Without any counter offers, i get an email saying we have 14 days to vacate and that "we will never reach an agreement". I thought it was up to two parties to go back and forth to reach an agreement, and when there's been no counter offers what am i to do? This why I think the IVO is incredibly important right now as I'm afraid my housemate and his friend will start stealing my stuff again.

In summary, what do i want to happen? I love the house, and have lived there the longest and would like to keep living there. Brad's friends is trying to get on the least but after robbing me, there is no way i want him on it. I want Brad to pay for all the utilities used while i was not at the house but paying rent ($2000 roughly between gas and electricity), I want all my stuff back or money for it, and i don't know who would pay for the rent i've had to pay for another place to live and all the new groceries and things i've had to aquire because i have been unable or too scared to live in my own home. I also want reimbursement for all the essential oils, headphones, computer chair, desk that they've broken, cash that is missing, and bookshelf.

Any help on how to make this happen would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
Have you got photos of the mess, including mattress on the front porch?

Dates you were away - with receipts?

The police report number, the police report?

Emails with real estate agent?