QLD Legal for Real Estate Agents to Send Threatening Messages?

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27 October 2016
One month after vacating a property (joint tenancy) I lived at for 3 years (no complaint or damage during period), I received a threatening text from the real estate agent that my bond had been reclaimed and that I would be blacklisted for not paying bills. I contacted the RTA and inquired. They said a request had been made for $2500 in water bills, cleaning, rent and damage and they had released the money.

We had paid $800 for a full bond and a carpet clean from the real estate's recommended cleaner before we left. I contacted the real estate agent and she sent through a ledger that of our rental payments and 6 different invoices, water $135.19, damage $920, etc., all added on that day (yesterday), that exactly totalled $1800 to the cent, our bond amount. She stated we owe a further $700 for rent. I must state as we left on the day our lease ended, we did not give written notice thus technically owed 14 days of rental, which I am not disputing.

Question - Both the RTA and the real estate agents had my email and phone number but failed to contact me about these bills, then are able to send me a threatening message to pay more or be blacklisted. Is this legal?

Should the RTA be releasing my bond so easily without my permission?

Thank you