NSW What are my rights, open colleges let down.

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23 April 2018
I started studying with open colleges a few years ago, they didn't recognise my prior hours that I had done (which you need for the course) as "it had to be done whilst signed up to this course" even though I had signed hours and a log book from my previous institute. So I got another job and did all the hours again, really disappointed with the lack of communication and help from Open Colleges I decided to pull out and go back to the previous institute. I changed in the first place because I wanted to try online so I could have more freedom to work and not have to go into class (big mistake for me so if you are reading and thinking about doing do your research!!).

My main problem with them is that I have done a lot of work all HD and D and because of these final two documents not being complete I can't get units of anything. I wanted to get what I had done and change to another institute as I felt after many frustrating conversations that Open Colleges was not for me, but it seemed almost like I was trapped as two things (a log book of hours and a portfolio) each have a little bit from each unit. So even though its the last thing that gets marked, because I haven't completed those to a satisfactory standard I get nothing. I did all the hours I and I could change the dates to be right and I can also provide payslips to prove I was there but the company went bankrupt and no longer exist so I can't get the signatures. As for the portfolio, I felt it was enough to pass but they did not, you have to be in clinic to do those things and I don't want to go back as I decided I don't want to be a vet nurse its too hard emotionally.
I do however want a piece of paper that says I did the work as I put a lot of energy into this and money and feel ripped off.

I just want to know if theres anything I can do..