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  1. L

    NSW What are my rights, open colleges let down.

    I started studying with open colleges a few years ago, they didn't recognise my prior hours that I had done (which you need for the course) as "it had to be done whilst signed up to this course" even though I had signed hours and a log book from my previous institute. So I got another job and...
  2. D

    WA Friend Wants to Cancel Online Course - What to Do?

    Hi Guys, I was looking for some advise for my friend who signed up for an Online Medical 2 year course. The Online company is located in Sydney and my friend WA. The course fee is around $7500 which my friend set up a monthly direct debit. When she was about to start the online course, to her...
  3. S

    QLD Trying to Cancel Online Course - Ignoring Me and Demanding Payment?

    So a bit of back story... Sorry for being long winded. Around August/September 2014, I signed up for a course through an online training company (online course). At the time I was in a secure home & financial situation, living with my partner, and in a good mental state (I suffer from...
  4. Rod

    Homework Question - Online Course for Bachelor of Law Degree?

    Hi guys, I'm looking at obtaining a Australian Bachelor of Law degree. Due to personal circumstances, I'm not easily able to go into a campus environment and study during the day so I was after advice/recommendation on the best online courses available in Australia. I'm aware of and leaning...