NSW Open Colleges - Rejected Special Consideration Request

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9 March 2019
So I paid $6000 upfront for a course, never completed the first module, never had access to any other modules. I applied last October for special considerations for medical reasons, after giving them everything their policy asks for and filling out the form in great detail, I was rejected, came back with some new information, rejected again, they kept saying it wasn’t good enough but their policy clearly states that a medical certificate was a form of proof that I was struggling and wanted to end the course.

The second time, They kept asking for specific wording in the cert asking the dr or psychologist to advise that I’m so sick that i can’t continue study... I discussed it with my dr and we both agreed that dr doesn’t know how my health issues are effecting my life, but dr can vouch that I certainly have them, I’m going through a rough time have and it could be affecting my study. He kindly wrote me a second certificate, and still this was not good enough for open colleges. I went to ACCC and nsw ombudsman and they said it wants their territory, I went to fair trading- so helpful and empathetic as mine was one of many complaints that they have had about the college.

Open colleges replied to fair trading and myself saying I will never get a refund more that just under $2000, tried to pro rata my fees based on time, and even then it’s not correct pro rata... and also lied saying I only ever gave them 1 certificate, which looking back to our email correspondence, is not true.

I started a petition to help past, exisiting and future students - wondering if this will even be effective if I manage to get enough signatures?

Also, if I were to take them to court, do I have a leg to stand on?