ACT What are My Grandparents Rights to See My Grandson?

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17 October 2015
My legal question is what grandparents rights do I have to see my grandson when my daughter refuses access?

Ok, the whole story is, I have been with my current partner 4 years and have helped my daughter millions of times until now she has called him Dad, her decision not mine. We have had our ups and downs, and get on only now and then.

18 months ago she came home and she was pregnant. Her partner left her for another person. We supported her during her pregnancy and I was with her when her son was born and helped her through. She met a new partner and they moved in together and even lived with us until they could get on their feet ( he has 3 boys that live with him). They moved into a house and within 6 weeks split up. She was devastated and I spent as much time with her as I could but was hard on her and said "you're a mum now you have to get up and work through this.

I arranged to take my grandson fortnightly. We have clashed over a few things the last couple of weeks. She has gotten back with the partner that has the 3 boys and I have tried to talk to her and spend time with her but it is always with other people and she spends the whole time telling me how everyone is not nice to her. (We have a large extended family that are not blood but always been there for us. She has her half sister and half brother that she loves one minute and now does not speak to them. She also has a 15 year old step sister through my current relationship that she was very close to but since the step sister moved in with us she can't stand).

She has had arguments with everyone that is close to us anyway. Yesterday I drove over to pick up my grandson and I was playing with her partner's kids out the back as we get on very well and I try not to treat them differently. My partner was talking to my daughter explaining that he has a new job and it's 7 days on one day off, 3 days on then a weekend off. "Could we change the weekend", as he knows she doesn't like alcohol around her son and was trying to show respect to her. She went, "oh so obviously this is to hard to have him".

They got in to an argument and tried to calm it down. I was then informed that I could no longer see my grandson unless it's not around my partner, not allowed to take him to see his Aunty (half sister), and not allowed to go anywhere and that she is putting a restraining order on us. Her passing comment to me was "see, you're walking away from your grandson" and "well done".

There is a big history of her arguing with me and abusing with me a fortnight before the police were called as she went off and kicked and smashed stuff because I refused to give her money and she states that I never do anything for her. Every fortnight I buy nappies on top of food. I don't mind doing that but I feel used as soon as I ask her to compromise, she won't and now she is refusing for me to have my grandson. I also ring her, facebook her and she won't answer either and tells me she hates technology but while sitting with her having a cuppa, she is forever on her phone using snapchat or texting.

I love my daughter but cannot deal with her abusive mental games anymore, and I am concerned for my grandson.

What do I do? Please help.


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2 October 2015