QLD Using Clause 6.2 REIQ contract

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9 November 2017
Just wondering whether anyone is familiar with the new changes to Qld's property contract, Clause 6.2, which allows either party to delay settlement by 5 days.
"6.2 Extension of Settlement Date
Either party may, at any time up to 4pm on the Settlement Date, extend the Settlement Date by giving a notice under this clause nominating a new date for settlement which must be no later than 5
Business Days after the Scheduled Settlement Date."

My conveyancer's law firm seems to have business dealings with the seller which I worry may be hindering negotiations over my concerns.
I am keen to email all the parties concerned saying that I am delaying the property settlement for 5 days under clause 6.2, but was wondering whether I could do this.
I worry if my concerns are not addressed, it will financially impact the sale enough unfortunately.