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  1. P

    QLD Using Clause 6.2 REIQ contract

    Just wondering whether anyone is familiar with the new changes to Qld's property contract, Clause 6.2, which allows either party to delay settlement by 5 days. My conveyancer's law firm seems to have business dealings with the seller which I worry may be hindering negotiations over my...
  2. W

    QLD Commercial Lease - Landlord's Rights to Repossess Commercial Property?

    Hi, I am a tenant in a building which, during the period of tenancy, has had a change of ownership. The original commercial lease conditions were upheld, and this was an REIQ standard format. I approached the landlord in December to be released from my lease as our business is in financial...
  3. K

    QLD Employee Going on Maternity Leave - Can I Employ Another Person?

    Good morning, I am a small business employer and have two casual receptionists that work for me. Our opening hours are 72 hour per week, covered by myself and the two girls. Now that the 3rd receptionist left to gain full-time employment. One of the girls in particular that has been with me...
  4. N

    QLD Getting Out of House Purchase in Queensland

    Made an offer in a house in Queensland that has been accepted pending finance. Finance conditional on Morgage lenders insurance. Looks like a partner split is inevitable so I want to withdraw from buying the house. Lenders insurance is not yet approved. Is there a way to get out of REIQ contract...
  5. Kippy-Kat

    QLD REIQ Retail Shop Tenancy Lease - Joint Tenancy - Business Partner Wants Out

    I signed a lease with a friend for a business premises where each of us is a sole trader, just sharing premises. Now, several months down the track she has left her husband, moved from the area and refusing to pay rent. We still have 5 months to go on the lease. I am not in a financial position...