SA Unregistered Car and No Car Insurance - What Options Do I Have?

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4 March 2015
Hi, I could use some advice.

I just received a $1100 fine that I had no idea was coming. Basically i was in Melbourne for a course recently and when I was away, my girlfriend borrowed my car. I/we had no idea it was unregistered as my iPhone app never alerted me (usually does) and i hadn't received anything in the mail. My car is worth $20k and i have full comprehensive car insurance. It must have been picked up when she was driving on the freeway by a camera.They are trying to charge me for driving a unregistered and uninsured car! (even though I wasn't driving). What are my options? I can prove i was away in Melbourne so can i just play ignorance?

Thanks in advance.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
If you have the option to nominate her as the driver,
and thereby transfer the offence to her (as driver) rather than you,
then you should do that.

If that's an option, the letter/notice/infringement etc will say how.

...and no, ignorance does not work as a defence.